Why kindness is the secret to real fulfilment

Konkana Bakshi, Founder, Savoir Faire Academie and former Miss Elegance World/Dubai
Filed on November 19, 2020

When your beliefs are being challenged, helping others can be a way of helping oneself

Small changes make the biggest difference. 2020 has been a tough year for many of us. But this precarious global pandemic has also taught us priceless life lessons, which we couldn’t have learned if everything was hunky-dory and we were all busy as usual with “life”.

American food writer and chef Ruth Reichl once said the secret to life is finding joy in ordinary things. If life’s challenges are taking a toll on you, follow these simple steps to feel the transformation from within. All it takes are simple acts of kindness.

1. Offer praise for a job well done: Nothing is more gratifying than getting praised for a job well done. Irish writer and politician Richard Steele sums it up perfectly, “There is no pleasure like that of receiving praise from the praiseworthy.” We all love a little praise and recognition; it makes us feel good and appreciated. It’s one of the most underrated pleasures in life. You will be surprised how one’s productivity level increases when they know they are given sincere praise for a job well done. Often, we forget to let people know that they have done a really good job and, sometimes, hard work goes unnoticed. But when you truly see someone do a good job, I would encourage you to reach out and offer a compliment. It creates a stronger bond between two individuals and, if you have executives around you, they will thrive better.

2. Being a great host: There is something extraordinarily fulfilling about hosting your loved ones. Bringing out your dinner set, planning a wonderful menu starting from hors d’oeuvres to main course, setting up the table and creating an ambience to ensure a pleasurable time for your friends and loved ones — all will drink to that! Hosting is an art, and the effort you put in is well worth it. It’s gratifying, and your friends would look forward to your invitation and gracious hosting.

3. Take up philanthropy: Realising one’s full potential rests at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He also refers to it as self-actualisation. Philanthropy helps to make progress toward one’s own goals and aspirations. When you can engage in philanthropy by supporting a charity or just offering in any way you can, it gives you that immense sense of emotional fulfilment. In my own experience, each time I have been able to associate myself with a philanthropic project in even the smallest way, I have experienced remarkable emotional validation and fulfilment.

Acts of kindness are all about bringing joy to others. In doing so, you open yourself up to more joy and happiness.



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