'I would've loved to live in the Elizabethan age'

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Noreen Nasralla, co-author of Passionate Hoteliers, on why it's a game-changer when people do what they love

What is your best childhood memory?
Every Thursday, when we came home from school, we'd find new toys on our bed from dad and mom. Dad used to take this day off to buy us something special every week. It always left an impact on me.

If you could move anywhere in the world, what place would that be?
London, London, London. This is where my heart belongs.

The biggest learning point or experience in your life.
The loss of my dad. This experience changed my life. It made me more aware of my every day, my life decisions, and the purpose of my existence.

What is the one skill you'd love to learn, and why?
Fashion designing. I am obsessed with colours, creativity, and mixing concepts together.

What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
Don't be afraid of being bold. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes help us grow and they shape us. At the end, you will always look back and cherish your journey.

If you could go back to any era in time or witness any major event in history, which one would it be, and why?
I would have loved to live in the Elizabethan age because of their fashion sense.

Your greatest fear.
Staying where I am emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Being stagnant and not evolving.

If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day, who would it be and why?
I would like to trade it for one day with anyone who has authority to empower more women in the corporate world and give them additional seats on the table. We are capable of multitasking, delivering results, and making change, but it is often underestimated.

Favourite movie character of all time - and why.
Cinderella, of course: have courage and be kind.

If you were President of your country, what is the first thing you'd do?
I would stress that the private sector support non-profit organisations more. I would encourage more cross-country humanitarian work; there is a lot of work that countries can benefit from between each other.
I would also launch new platforms to encourage students, youth, and new entrants to the job market to work with passion and grit. People thrive more when they do more of what they love.
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