How to decorate your kid's room in a meaningful way

Liza Pinto
Filed on April 1, 2021

A kid’s room should be built around the things that matter most to them: fun, laughter, enjoyment, and development

Designing a child’s room requires far more than simply choosing items that are adorable or amusing. Creating a great atmosphere for your kids to play, learn and develop can and should be a pleasurable experience.

However, it can also be a difficult task creating lovely and efficient interiors that your child can enjoy now as well as in the future. If you are going down this route and hunting for ways to create an existing space, options are endless!

• Prepare for the mess

This is one of the major concerns when it comes to keeping a kid’s room clean. Endless toys need endless storage space. It is always better to look for closed storage boxes, so the toys need not be arranged every time after use. A systematic storage system will make life 10 times easier.

Toy boxes are the best to choose.

• Something to sketch on

All the creativity comes to play when you hand over a crayon to a child. So if you wish to avoid repainting your house again and again, it is always ideal to put up marker boards.

There are creative ways to do so. Adding a white back-painted glass on wall will not only act as a white board, but also make your space look larger. It is easy maintenance as well.

Sketch paper roll holders are easily available in the market.

• Sleek and light furniture

Less chaos is always more in a kid’s bedroom. While choosing furniture, make sure to select sleek and open base pieces to the room that could make it look spacious and less cluttered.

Low height furniture works best for kids considering they will be the ones using them often.

Avoid choosing sharp corner furniture. Prefer ones with rounded edges so that your kid does not hurt or scratch himself or herself.

Choose their preferred colours to brighten up the space. Do not forget to add some fun and colourful statement pieces to the room.

If you have more than one child, opt for bunk beds which work as space savers.

• Rugs

Although your floor may be covered with tiles or even hardwood, it is not somewhere you would allow your kids to roll, crawl or play on. Fun and cost-effective solution is to add rugs.

Cotton rugs are the most affordable options. They are also easy to clean.

Wool sheep rugs are the softest. Pick something with pattern or shape to create a fun space for them.

• Add Colours

This is your child’s bedroom and one of the most fun space to decorate. Kids grow quickly and their choices change even quicker. Selecting the right colour then is a tricky part.

It is recommended you highlight one accent wall with pop colour/fun wallpaper which, in future, is easier to change. Let your child choose the colour of the accent wall. Do not go choose darker shades that can make the room look smaller.


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