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Nisthula Nagarajan
Filed on June 21, 2021 | Last updated on June 23, 2021 at 09.03 am

Discover the true meaning of purified air with Electrolux

Every minute, humans inhale six litres of air. Our breath is what gives us life and without it, the human body cannot exist. It one of the most fundamental factors that contribute to a long, healthy life. What we inhale must be the purest possible because it nourishes the lungs, the blood and, consequently, the rest of the organs. Shockingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that indoor air is five to ten times worse than that outdoors through several studies. Our environment is filled with minute impurities invisible to the naked eye but entering our bodies with every breath taken. Some that are found in homes, offices, restaurants and leisure facilities are carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, sulphur dioxide, ozone, household chemicals (from hygiene to cosmetics), nitrogen oxides, and radon, in addition to fungi, mould, viruses, bacteria or animal hair. All these can cause allergies that affect the functioning of the respiratory tract in the long run. While everyone is at risk, those who are particularly at risk are people who tend to be affected by pollution levels, young children, expectant mothers, the elderly, and the terminally ill. All fit the bill for those who could suffer adverse effects as a result of breathing unclean air.

Local air quality

Much of the Middle East, owing to its desert landscape, lengthy coastlines and daily and seasonally changing wind currents, has a relatively naturally harsh and arid climate. These factors affect air quality. In the UAE, there is usually high values of air quality index as a result of increasing sandstorms and the formation of natural dust in the air. Therefore, it is usual to find a large amount of particulate matter suspended in the air. According to IQAir, the UAE has hazardous air in its desert regions while some urban areas are unhealthy for those with sensitive respiratory systems. Sand particles are one of the main pollutants in the country, plus particulate matter from vehicular and industrial emissions.

Fine dust - the invisible killer

One of the main contaminants in metropolitan areas is fine dust. It is a material floating in the air that is composed of numerous complex substances. It is mostly generated by industrial facilities. These substances in a gaseous state can be turned into secondary fine dust through chemical reactions. In metropolitan areas with no industrial facilities, fine dust can account for two-thirds of the total amount of dust generated, a very high ratio. Even when people roast or fry meat indoors, a lot of fine dust is generated.

Since fine dust is very small in size, it can pass through the nasal passage and eventually reach the alveolar area, located deep inside the airway. If you are exposed to fine dust for a long time, you become much more likely to develop respiratory diseases including the flu, coughs or bronchitis. Especially right now during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is something every single person should be paying attention to. Doctors highly recommend using an air purifier to remove particulate matter from the air around us.

Breathe cleaner

Introducing Electrolux, a cleaning innovation brand born in Sweden in 1919. For 100 years, its products have made everyday living easier. Electrolux transforms homes into the ideal space with products built from its know-how on implementing efficiency, hygienic conditions and insights learned from experts.

The Electrolux Pure A9 air purifier is fitted with a smart filter that has its own unique radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag that can automatically detect the filter life and the replacement time, facilitating convenient filter replacement and management. There is a handle engineered for easy filter replacement as well. the Pure A9 has a deep and wide 360° cylinder-shaped filter of 4.1 sqm that can suck in and purify the air from any direction in a very efficient way. It also guarantees a longer filter life if used in the same condition.

Five-step air purification system

  • Pre-filter used to remove large sized dust like human and animal hair.
  • The Air Purifier PURE A9 comes with Deep Hepa 13 technology, which is designed to remove 99.98 per cent of ultra-fine dust particles with a diameter of up to 0.3um from air sucked into the filter.
  • The outer Hepa 13 class dust collection filter eradicates 99 per cent of such bacteria like colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and legionella and other allergens.
  • Charcoal odour removal filter to remove bad odours.
  • Removes the cause of sick house syndromes.
  • The Pure A9's AirSurround system is designed to reach all corners of the room.
  • It creates a powerful yet smooth spiral movement of the indoor air that efficiently circulates and cleans the air in your home in six to eight minutes (room size considered to be 144 sq ft).

Mobile app

You can control and monitor the condition of indoor air anytime anywhere. The Electrolux Pure A9 purifier has a built-in pure sense system that can monitor indoor air quality. With the Electrolux Wellbeing app, measure changes in indoor air quality in real-time. In addition to air quality index and hourly and daily records, receive specific information about the polluting materials that were successfully removed. Use the app to freely control the power and switch to smart, manual or sleep mode. Download the Electrolux Wellbeing app from the App Store or Google Playstore.

Pure sense system

The Pure A9's unique pure sense system can monitor indoor air quality in real-time and automatically supply purified air to every corner of a room. Also, use the app to find out about the densities of fine dust particles, ultra-fine dust particles, and volatile organic compounds. The densities are displayed at four levels with different colours from 'good' to 'very bad'. These are in line with Sweden's environmental ministry's fine dust warning standards, reinforced in March 2018. Blue is between zero to 15 particulate matter (PM), green is 16 to 35 PM, orange is 36 to 75 and red is 76 and above.

Engineered for you

The Pure A9 is built for the user and some with multiple easy-to-use benefits:

Touch screen display: The modern sense touch screen provides convenient touch control.

Easy movement: The purifier comes with a handle that makes it easy to move the system around. It also has wheels so one can move the system to the living room for when their family gets together or to the kitchen when cooking.

Low noise design: The larger suction area due to the pentagon-cylinder shape and high density of 2mm air holes provide low speed and high-efficiency air purification, always ensuring quiet.

Night mode for sound sleep: Built-in light sensors automatically detect indoor light brightness, turning off the display in a dark room.

Swedish design

Inspired by contemporary Scandinavian design, this air purifier will be an integral part of any home environment. The Pure A9 comes in two models. The smaller, better utilised in apartments or smaller rooms, takes up 28 watts of power and comes in a light grey hue, weighing 7.9 kg. The bigger, more suited to houses and larger areas like the living room, consumes 41 watts of power and comes in a dark grey shade, weighing 8.9 kg. Both models perform the same aforementioned functions but in different scopes owing to their size.

Electrolux is always aiming higher. The brand is forward-thinking and designed for people who desire to live a richer, more effortless and sustainable life.

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