The smart office becomes a smarter experience when powered by the Huawei Super Device

Filed on July 29, 2021 | Last updated on July 29, 2021 at 06.05 pm


Let's face it, we either find ourselves working from both home and the office. With the many devices we have with us, your phone, laptop, tablet and PC, it can get very hard to find a balance on what to prioritize, more so when you're balancing work and play in your life.

So, because we have all these devices, in their own separate systems, it adds to the cumbersome nature of trying to find some way to universally connect them all to one platform.

What we need isn't just more hardware but a great ecosystem where your work is available to you at the tip of your fingers and the best way to show how we do things around here is with Huawei's Super Device Experience. Here's how.

Huawei's Super Device experience provides the solution by enabling different devices to seamlessly connect and collaborate in a convenient and secure manner. Distributed technology is used to allow all types of different devices to connect under one system, whether that's a tablet, laptop or desktop screen that forms part of one unified "Super Device."

Super Device is a common language that flows seamlessly in between those devices to take each device`s key feature to assemble a powerful Super Device.

Because of the ease of how you connect and transfer files, more time can be spent on the actual work itself and less on trying to find a cable or worry how you're going to transfer a file out from a tablet to PC.

This allows you to have a flexible working space depending on your work or entertainment needs, while keeping all your devices in sync through wired or wireless connections. The Super Device is the most powerful working set up so far and this is the futuristic style of working.

Our smart home office setup has the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, the MateBook X Pro and the MateView ready to power through your day of work and play.

Huawei's crown jewel in display tech takes form with the Huawei Mateview, a gorgeous, 4K+ true colour display that has wireless projection, a smart bar, acoustically detailed and design elements that make your monitor the centerpiece of your office desk so it becomes more than just your office desk but rather a tool that will help with visualizing your work. This is perfect for video editors, content creators and photographers who need true colour calibration for their work.

It's also got enough and more screen real estate for multiple apps and documents. So, you can easily connect Huawei's MatePad series or Matebook series and enjoy a larger screen and incredible sound, as well as the comfort of using a wireless keyboard and mouse. And switching has never been easier, just to use 2 fingers to tap the smart Touch Bar at the bottom of MateView that can change from a wireless projection to either a USB-C, HDMI or mini Displayport.

While most office users use an external display for added screen real estate and productivity, the MatePad Pro offers users the ability to have a portable display that works even on the move.

You'll see how easily it is to switch between apps. Especially if you're taking a break at work to watch something and you have to suddenly remember to reply to an email. You can do that with switching the app on the MatePad Pro and seamlessly switch back to the video once you're done. Now that's super. You can use the Huawei MateView with a wireless keyboard and mouse to view large spreadsheets, proofread documents, and do even more. It saves you a ton of hassle of switching among all these devices. This is what Huawei Super Device can bring to you a brand new and innovative way of a smart office experience.

Huawei's Super Device Smart ecosystem is designed to bring maximum productivity and minimum hassle as you move between devices. You can easily continue to edit pictures from the MateBook Pro X over the to the Mateview monitor especially if you're on a tight deadline all through a simple connection.

Designed to break boundaries between devices, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro supports Tablet-PC Multi-screen Collaboration, which allows you to have your devices interconnected in one Super Device through three distinct modes.

Firstly, Mirror Mode.

Now suppose more than one person needs to see a file at the same time in a meeting room where there's no casting equipment or software available. Huawei's MatePad Pro lets you draw on the PC using design software, such as the Microsoft OneNote, and the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation), using the tablet as a drawing pad.

Great for taking notes and making changes to an image or document and save it quickly.

Secondly, Extend Mode lets you use your MatePad as an additional display for the Matebook to have more space to display content and it makes as a great resource especially when you're editing footage and you need to compare.

And finally, Collaborate Mode.

No longer do you have to keep track of USB thumb drives or storage disks when you're moving between devices. Huawei's Collaborate mode, thanks to Tablet-PC Multi-screen Collaboration, lets you directly use the PC's mouse to drag and drop files (such as images, videos, audio files, documents, etc.) between the two devices run on different OS

To summarize, we love the fact that you can use Huawei's Mirror and Extend mode which lets you mirror the MateBook X Pro's screen to the MatePad Pro if you're looking to edit something quickly. If you're an artist, using Huawei's responsive stylus, the M Pencil means you now have a drawing pad to work on.

And Collaborate Mode does away with the clutter of wires, and hard drives, break the boundary between 2 different OS so that you focus on quickly building your presentations and documents.

A Smart office should be one where a user can seamlessly switch between email, documents and videos and take their files from one display device on to another that makes for a better collaborative and cohesive experience not just for the user but it has to be an experience that allows for flexibility between devices.

All of this is possible with Huawei Super Device intuitive smart office experience.

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