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Purva Grover /Dubai
purva@khaleejtimes.com Filed on June 8, 2021


Time for a petit-dejeuner in Dubai at Parlour Boutique, a contemporary French space.

If anyone were to ask what I love Paris for, I’d disappoint them a tad by not crediting the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre or Champs-Élysées for my intense romance with the city. My allure stems from the breakfast routine in the city, a cup of café au lait, with an assortment of bread delectably challenging me with how they (the bread type, recipes, toppings, et al.) can change into a fresher, luscious, and classier version of the previously consumed.

As you must have guessed, I enjoy the idea of transforming breakfast into a classy affair, so a breakfast from Parlour Boutique, a contemporary French space in Dubai, was something I looked forward to, albeit I stayed at home, and the chefs delivered a little bit of Paris at the doorstep. In my previous visits to the place, I’ve been in awe of the minimalistic, chic interiors, and have particularly liked the airy feel about the space.

Let’s bite into brekkie item one, shall we? What would you like to call slices of bread soaked in beaten eggs and milk, doused in the goodness of maple syrup and chantilly cream, and garnished with cinnamon and a handful of fresh berries? You may call it a slice of heaven, or Classic French Toast as in the menu; or Pain Perdu (lost bread) as in Paris.

Moving on to Le Levantine, it’s what I meant for each bread-dish surpassing the previous; it delighted the Mexican-Arab-French foodie lover in me with a baguette cut into smaller pieces smeared with a layer of beetroot hummus and topped up with fresh avocado, which gelled perfectly with halloumi cubes. The colourful toast with pomegranate kernels and pistachio was made for the ‘gram! And of course, it would be unfair to not speak about the good ol’ classic butter croissants.

I dipped the flaky, buttery delight in coffee just like many French do. The eatery of course offers more than the bread for breakfast. The Garden Shakshuka, another one for the ‘Gram. Warmly spiced, with a saucy tomato base filled with roasted peppers, eggplant, and zucchini was a smoky delight. The eggs stayed runny, yet well done, and of course, there were slices of sourdough bread to complement. The icing on this Middle-Eastern dish was the dash of feta cheese.

So, if you wish to indulge in a petit-déjeuner (breakfast in French), then you know where to go. Extend the meal to a longer duration with breaking bread, with loved ones over a good conversation and coffee.

Parlour Boutique, One Central, World Trade Centre, Dubai

Meal for two is Dh145

Order via parlour.ae, 043865333 or food delivery apps


Purva Grover

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