Dubai's Danny Aridi turning up the heat with When We're Together

david@khaleejtimes.com Filed on June 5, 2021

The Dubai-based Lebanese singer releases a ‘summer vibes’ tune with a positive message for all

IF THE COVER photo features a Labrador in a Hawaiian shirt, we’re going to buy the product. It doesn’t matter what it may be, the laidback lusciousness such an image conveys has to be ours. And in this case it happens to signify the UAE’s Danny Aridi’s new release, When We’re Together, so we’re all winners. An upbeat ballad showcasing the artist’s versatile voice and ukulele skills, this great summer pop song looks to evoke an embrace of romantic feelings, portray happy moments in relationships and give off a general feeling of positivity after the year we’ve all just experienced. The music video also features fun scenes highlighting Dubai’s unique and varied landscape.

What can you tell us about your new track? How is it different in tone from your previous releases such as Wanderlust and Wake Up And Say Hello?

It’s about celebrating the feeling of being with the people you love. Whether it’s your best friend, partner or even your dog! It’s a very happy and catchy tune with ukuleles, acoustic guitars, violins, cellos and tam tams.

The video is a fond look at different locations in Dubai. What made you decide on this theme, and take us through the filming process.

There are a lot of videos filmed in the city, but I wanted to create something no one has seen before. We filmed scenes of iconic skyscrapers as well as humble cafeterias that are landmarks in their own right and a huge part of the culture here. The process took a few days to record because of the multiple locations, but the cut scenes are so quick that the filming time was less than a minute in each place.

Is the cover star your dog? Tell us about him/her.

It’s my friend Dea’s dog called Troy and he’s the artwork star of the song. It’s a funny story: in the music video I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt and playing the ukelele. At one point I transform into the dog in the clip and he’s wearing the same outfit!

How do you find the audience response to your new releases goes? Are you ever nervous?

It’s always amazing to see the feedback the songs receive. All of my songs are sentimental tracks with a deep meaning behind them and to see people resonate with them is always so humbling and fulfilling. I release a new song every two months and each one has a unique story and feel to it. It’s always exciting to see how people will react and so far it’s been very positive so I’m grateful for that. People are taking videos with their loved ones and using the song on TikTok and Reels with the hashtag #whenweretogether.

From where do you see the majority of your support flowing?

Most of my fans are based in Dubai and the Middle East. They’ve either seen me live or heard me on Instagram (@DannyAridi) where I’m most active. I put videos out every week and I’m lucky to have built an audience and community that is so supportive and engaging.

Do you see this track as a ‘sound of the summer’, or does that not really happen in this region?

I think it definitely has what it takes to be the sound of the summer! It’s a very happy tune with a positive message that people of all ages can enjoy.

Now we’re emerging from the pandemic what are your plans as far as touring or live shows go?

It’s good to see that certain events are taking place in a safe and controlled environment with all the safety protocols in place. The pandemic showed me just how powerful social media support can be when there were no shows. However, I can’t wait to perform live again and as soon as I have show dates I’ll announce them on my Instagram!

As a local artist how important is the support of a big named record label?

It’s great to be signed with Universal Music MENA as they help with distribution and promotion of my music. I’m lucky that I have the creative freedom to create and release any song I want and I’m always writing and recording music on a weekly basis.

What other music are you currently working on? Can we look forward to any collaborations?

I’m currently working on four songs and music videos simultaneously and I continue to consistently release a new song and music video every two months. You can expect some exciting projects and collaborations in the coming months. I can’t wait to share them!

Talk us through the writing process. How long did this single take, for example, from start to completion?

I love writing music. I really like to convey a strong message in each of my tracks and When We’re Together celebrates the feeling of being with loved ones. I’ve written lyrics for multiple artists that range from pop singers to opera singers and I’ve even done song challenges were I write a song from Instagram comments, so I’m always coming up with new songs in creative ways!

It’s always great to see a song transform from an empty sheet of paper to a completed piece of music. The process can take anything from a few days to weeks depending on the track.


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