Video: Bollywood star goes unrecognised on the streets in social experiment

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Filed on January 8, 2020
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Ahead of her new film launch, Deepika wanted to see people's reaction to acid attack victims.

Chhapaak is a film based on acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal from New Delhi and is slated to hit screens this weekend. Deepika Padukone who plays the lead role decided to do a social experiment with acid attack victims to know how people react to their appearances.

According to reports in News18, the actress roamed around crowded places in Mumbai with a few more victims of acid attack. The Padmaavat actress documented the experiment and shared the video on YouTube with the title "Malti On The Move".

In the video, Deepika visits shops, grocery stores and streets where several hidden cameras were already installed to capture people's reaction. In the video, Deepika along with other acid attack survivors, first heads to a mobile store where other customers stare at them. However, the shopkeeper politely says, "Yes, ma'am?" and tells Deepika about the new phone in the market that she inquires about.

The video shows how some people look down upon on acid attack victims while others are polite. At the end of the video, surrounded by acid victims Deepika says: 'Spending the whole day like this, I realized how we ignore some things right in front of our eyes'. She puts out a strong message in the video and says: 'It's important to change our perception'.


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