150-word review: Artemis Fowl

David Light
Filed on June 14, 2020
A scene from the film


A fiendishly fun film

Much like football captain Lionel Messi leading out Barcelona, when Sir Kenneth Branagh is at a film's helm you know you're in safe hands. The British theatrical legend is not simply a dab hand at treading the boards, his countless behind the camera turns tend to hit the mark, not least 2011's Thor. This week comes his young adult cult hero Artemis Fowl's hyped big screen outing on Disney+ (OSN Streaming).

Plot: A mix of Lara Croft and James Bond Jr., Irish prodigy Artemis Fowl must follow his captured father's footsteps into a supernatural realm to rescue dad and maintain the peace between their world and ours.

What's wrong/right: Strong performances, particularly Dame Judi Dench giving us her M as commander of a fairy secret service, Colin Farrell as Fowl Sr. and newcomer Laura McDonnell playing officer Holly Short.

Verdict: For fans of the book series and the YA target audience, a surefire hit. 3.5/5